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10 min

Real Results: How to Increase Qualified Demand by 21% and Ad Performance by 39%

I have spent many years taking venture-backed tech startups from fledgling to established. At that critical go-to-market phase, when you’re focussing on…

10 min

Your Product Might be Killer. But Without Killer Marketing, it will Still Fail

This post is for founders of venture-backed tech startups with a Product or Engineering background. I spend my life working with venture-backed…

10 min

3 Start-Up Lessons From Warren Buffett

When I attended the Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting in early May, I didn’t expect much would be applicable to early stage companies,…

10 min

An Interview With Silicon Valley Veteran, Matt Murphy of Menlo Ventures.

Matt is a Partner at Menlo Ventures, and focuses on investments in cloud infrastructure and AI-first SaaS applications. Matt has led investments…

10 min

Great Marketing Strategy, Even With Average Execution, Wins

The motivation for this piece came from a recent McKinsey article titled “The Case for Digital Reinvention,” wherein they make the case…

10 min

This is the Year You Stop Playing It Safe

Nothing displays the uniqueness, distinctiveness and singularity of your brand position more directly than your homepage. So why do so many homepages…

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