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10 min

70% Of Startups Fail. How Not To Become A Statistic.

Working directly with VCs and venture backed startups, I’m keen on what generally causes startups to fail, and succeed. The actual failure…

10 min

Cheers To The Badass Mompreneurs

With Mother’s Day coming up on Sunday, I’ve been thinking about founders of companies, and in particular, Mom founders. Most of what…

10 min

In The High-Speed Pursuit of Revenue, Speed Kills

Frequently, I’m asked to advise startups by their VC or CEO. In most cases the company tried a lot of marketing programs…

10 min

Hey Startups, Stop Putting Rookies In The Driver’s Seat!

You’ve invested millions in building the car, you’re not going to let a bunch of inexperienced people have at it. Well, that’s…

10 min

Buttered Toast Part 3: Stop Treating Your Vendors Like Shit

Having worked as an Exec at Citrix, Founder, CEO, and CMO at various tech companies, I have seen the following scenario play…

10 min

Corona and BlockChain Could Alter Advertising Forever

It’s a hot Summer day in August and you see a sign posted on the Santa Monica Pier in California, that reads…

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