Content Strategy & Execution

The complete solution to generating the content needed to drive leads and brand authority.

bt content strategy execution

Buyers are inundated with sales messaging – promotional marketing is no longer as effective. Producing valuable, educational and relevant content is the most effective way of attracting potential customers.

Content is Key

Consistent, relevant content is the best way to communicate your ideas to your target audience. Each blog post should work for you like a little digital sales person. Each whitepaper is an opportunity to position yourself as a leader in your industry.

What’s the Value

Content is the bridge between you and your audience. It’s a way to attract new business with smart SEO, educate your market and provide value to your audience.

What’s the Outcome

The more you attract the right kind of traffic to your website, the higher your conversion to customer rate is going to be. Content is the most effective vehicle to increase traffic and communicate your message effectively and efficiently to the people who need to hear it.

Lead Nurture

You’ve worked hard to bring in leads, now you need to warm them up and guide them through the funnel.

bt lead nurture

Every business is at a different stage with their email marketing, database size and email platform. We will quickly get to the heart of what could be improved and how.

Lead Stage Definition

Define MQL, SAL, SQL, and lead stages. Use lead scoring to associate numerical value with engagement so inbound leads don’t fall through the cracks.

What’s the Value

Just because a customer is in your database doesn’t necessarily mean they are “ready to purchase”. Setting up nurture flows helps take buyers on their journey through timely communications until they are ready to engage with your sales team.

What’s the Outcome

Business and revenue growth depends on attracting leads and converting them down the funnel. Marketing automation allows leads to be segmented based on gateway, nurtured with relevant, targeted content and scored before they are passed over to sales.

Paid Media

The targeted approach to reaching your buyer personas in search and social.

bt paid media 1

You’ve got top-notch content. Now it’s time to extend and amplify your reach to the right people.

Put Your Content to Work

Your buyer personas are ready and waiting for your content—you just need them to be able to find it. We’ll do the heavy lifting to find the best keywords and key phrases to create and execute paid search and social campaigns that convert.

Flexibility and Strategy Optimization

Flexibility and Strategy OptimizationThe best thing about paid efforts? They’re extremely flexible. With practically instantaneous data, we can see which campaigns are succeeding, shift funds, and deliver an even more effective paid campaign.

Data-Driven Agile Performance

We quickly analyze data to deliver results and actionable next steps. Frequent check-ins allow us to focus your investment on the campaigns that perform best.

Sales Enablement

Close the loop between your marketing and sales teams—and more deals.


bt icon sales enablement

Maximize the value of your marketing efforts and help your sales team close business faster.


We help align this crucial relationship to ensure your teams have the tools and content they need to meet customers wherever they are along the Buyer’s Journey.

What’s the Value

We’ll take a good, hard look at your sales pipeline. With an analysis of your tools, content, and information, you can ensure these are helping your sales team convert more leads and audience members into customers.

What’s the Outcome

Your sales rep can use a tailored set of resources to help them close more deals. Empower your business’ bottom line and help your sales reps convert viewers into customers.


Optimize your content to drive traffic, build brand awareness, and boost leads through search.

bt seo

For SEO to take your brand to every corner of the web, it has to reach every corner of your strategic marketing plan.

Put the Web to Work for You

You’ve worked hard to build your business – now it’s time to work smarter. With our holistic, personalized approach to SEO – from local listings and online reviews to blog articles and social media – we’ll help you build a long-term strategy to maximize your digital footprint.

What’s the Value

Doesn’t matter how niche your industry is. We double down on the impact of your content with a custom-made, long term SEO strategy. With our on-page and off-page SEO assessment, you’ll learn how to land more qualified leads.

What’s the Outcome

It’s all about garnering quality traffic to your website. With increased visibility and a fully optimized website, your business can attract more prospective customers.

Web Design

Your 24/7 salesperson must be beautiful, functional, and optimized for your goals.

bt icon web design

Your website should be the hardest working member of your marketing team—but is it pulling its own weight?

Our Design Philosophy

It’s not enough for your website to be beautiful and functional—today, those are just the table stakes.

What’s the Value

We combine research with behavioral data from your existing site to ensure that your new website is the hardest-working member of your inbound marketing team.

What’s the Outcome

Your fully optimized website will not just become your first point of contact for prospects, but will help establish industry authority.

Video Production

An effective and engaging way to capture the attention of your buyer personas.


bt video production 1

Use video to capture the attention of your buyer personas at the right stage of the Buyer’s Journey.

Visual storytelling can be a major asset.

Video can and should be part of your game plan for all of the stages of the Buyer’s Journey.

What’s the Value

You get to define the goal. Would you like a video to focus on brand awareness and attract new customers? Convert more leads? Educate your current customers? We do it all.

What’s the Outcome

Once your shiny, new video is ready for prime time, we’ll help determine the best platforms for sharing to maximize your reach to the right audience based on your buyer personas, data, and trends.