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5 min

8 Essential Steps to Aligning Sales and Marketing Teams

Aligning sales and marketing teams can result in increased productivity and better overall revenue for any organization. However, nearly 78% of B2B…

5 min

5 Tips to Ensure a Seamless Onboarding as a New Chief of Marketing

You’ve just been hired as chief of marketing. How do you begin? Well, being successful as a newly-hired chief of marketing means…

5 min

Close More Deals with Buyer Personas Marketing Personas: Recognize Your True Buyers

Most companies allocate 6% to 14% of their total revenue to marketing, with B2Cs generally spending more than B2Bs. Regardless, marketing represents…

5 min

7 Essential Marketing Strategies for 2022

The last few years have been packed with disruption. Technology, consumer expectations, the structure of the attention economy – these have all…

5 min

Always Target the Influencer (Not Just the Buyer)

Here is a mistake we see B2B companies make time and time again: they only market to the economic buyer.

5 min

Contextualizing Data for Better Sales and Marketing Results

The data is not enough. We have to contextualize the data itself. Substantial differences in perspectives can contribute to sales and marketing’s…

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