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8 min

ChatGPT 4: Benefits, Drawbacks, and Everything in Between

OpenAI has once again pushed the boundaries of artificial intelligence with ChatGPT 4, their most advanced and impressive AI model yet. This…

7 min

ChatGPT for Marketing: Five Opportunities and Five Limitations

If you’re a marketer, unless you’ve been living under a rock since 2022, you’ve heard all about ChatGPT. The most advanced AI…

5 min

8 Essential Steps to Aligning Sales and Marketing Teams

Aligning sales and marketing teams can result in increased productivity and better overall revenue for any organization. However, nearly 78% of B2B…

5 min

5 Tips to Ensure a Seamless Onboarding as a New Chief of Marketing

You’ve just been hired as chief of marketing. How do you begin? Well, being successful as a newly-hired chief of marketing means…

5 min

Close More Deals with Buyer Personas Marketing Personas: Recognize Your True Buyers

Most companies allocate 6% to 14% of their total revenue to marketing, with B2Cs generally spending more than B2Bs. Regardless, marketing represents…

5 min

7 Essential Marketing Strategies for 2022

The last few years have been packed with disruption. Technology, consumer expectations, the structure of the attention economy – these have all…

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