Creating a Company Culture Film to Drive Recruitment

“I couldn’t believe how easy Buttered Toast made it to produce a film of this quality. They were absolute pros, and they handled everything. The team understood our mission, our message, and fully bought in to bringing that to the screen. We now have a powerful video asset to help us grow.”


Igino Cafiero, Founder & CEO, Bear Flag Robotics



How to Develop Sales and Marketing Alignment

How can Sales & Marketing create a lasting alignment and partnership?

Let our team of experts fill you in.

Client Stories

Taking a Silicon Valley Startup from Founding to Acquisition

“Scaling a lean, tech-forward startup requires real expertise. Buttered Toast brought seasoned skills in branding, messaging, and every aspect of growth marketing. They were our dedicated partner for more than two years – unlike most other agencies I’ve worked with, they really felt like part of the team.”

– Amir Sharif, CMO, Aporeto


Personas: Why We Need Them

Discover why Personas are important especially in content, demand generation and SEO strategies.

Client Stories

Kickstarting a Video Game Startup to Drive a Seed Round

“Buttered Toast were a delight to work with. They were super-professional, creative, and hands-on. The entire BT team contributed significantly towards our early brand recognition and traction. Plus, they’re cricket fans – which is always a great advantage for us, and makes the meetings more enjoyable.”

– Anand Ramachandran, Founder, Bigfatphoenix

Client Stories

Driving Rapid Growth for an Expanding Healthtech Company

“Buttered Toast delivered 100% on what they promised. They understood our company objectives, they recommended a clear and concrete course of action, and they delivered excellent results.”

Tom Christensen, Head of Marketing, Well Health


B2B Buying Trends 2021

B2B buyer behavior is changing rapidly. Today, buyers are more digital than ever before as they spend more time making purchase decisions online. The takeaways for businesses?