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10 min

The Rise of the Detractor Persona

We all have a type. Usually you know what she looks like. You may have met her once or twice. Your friends…

10 min

21 Free or Almost Free Marketing Tools for Startups (that they actually use)

I work with quite a few venture backed tech startups so I have a very good perspective in terms of the tools…

10 min

The Tension Between Sales And Marketing Is VERY VERY Real

There is no single job inside of a company that is more customer facing, has more risk, more glory and more downside,…

10 min

70% Of Startups Fail. How Not To Become A Statistic.

Working directly with VCs and venture backed startups, I’m keen on what generally causes startups to fail, and succeed. The actual failure…

10 min

Cheers To The Badass Mompreneurs

With Mother’s Day coming up on Sunday, I’ve been thinking about founders of companies, and in particular, Mom founders. Most of what…

10 min

In The High-Speed Pursuit of Revenue, Speed Kills

Frequently, I’m asked to advise startups by their VC or CEO. In most cases the company tried a lot of marketing programs…

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