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Small Tweaks, Big Impact: How to Reinvigorate Your Brand With...

04 Oct 2016 | 3 MIN READ

It’s 10am and I’m meeting with another well funded startup in San Francisco referred by a prominent local VC. During this initial meeting the conversation goes something like this: “We’ve been doubling every 6 months, our churn is low and our average deal size is up….” “But, (and...

Buttered Toast — Part 2: Stop Treating Your Employees Like Shit

13 Jul 2016 | 3 MIN READ

In August of 2013 I wrote the original Buttered Toast piece on Medium. The post is based on a talk I gave at an invite only event in Fargo, called Misfit Conf. Don’t bother looking it up. By design, they don’t leave behind many breadcrumbs. Three years later, and I’ve been CMO for a couple...

The Only Profession That Pays You to Break the Rules

22 Jun 2016 | 4 MIN READ

Marketers break rules and get paid for it, the same does not apply to finance, legal or just about any other career. There is little to no value in reading and doing the same things that everyone else is doing. The key to unlocking great creativity is to challenge your inner comfort zone, and...