We are a partner agency to some of the biggest names in VC and PE

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Serious Research & Discovery

We dive into your organization and understand how it operates, in order to create a tailored strategy that maximizes lead capture and conversion opportunities.

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Holistic & Data Driven Strategy

Our digital strategies are holistic and data driven. We reverse-engineer engagements from desired outcomes to crafting a statement of work that aligns with your goals.

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Growth Focused Marketing

We identify your customers and deliver them the content that will capture their attention and move them through the funnel to Closed/Won.

Client Stories

Taking a Silicon Valley Startup from Founding to Acquisition

"Scaling a lean, tech-forward startup requires real expertise. Buttered Toast brought seasoned

Kickstarting a Video Game Startup to Drive a Seed Round

"Buttered Toast were a delight to work with. They were super-professional, creative, and hands-on.

Driving Rapid Growth for an Expanding Healthtech Company

“Buttered Toast delivered 100% on what they promised. They understood our company objectives,

About Us

70% of venture-backed startups fail. At Buttered Toast, we help improve your odds

The Buttered Toast team is a group of professional revenue marketers with expertise in modern marketing and technology. We are specialists in working with Fortune 500 companies that operate on the bleeding edge of technology and innovation. We take a bespoke approach to strategy built around growth architecture, lead generation and customer acquisition from the customer’s point of view.

Our team has demonstrated success in a variety of industries including technology, financial services, and health care. We know what it takes to build a leading digital agency that adds value for clients and our people. That’s because we take a holistic view of client needs, developing solutions that deliver not only results but also satisfaction in their journey.

Our Services

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Content Strategy & Execution

Content is and will always be king. We provide a complete solution of all-encompassing content generation needed to drive leads and brand authority.

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Lead Nurture

You’ve worked hard to bring in leads, now it’s time to warm them up and guide them through the funnel. We’ll make sure your funnel is leak-proof throughout the entire sales cycle.

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Paid Media

The targeted approach to reaching your buyer personas in search and social. We’ll extend and amplify your top-notch content to reach the right people.

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Sales Enablement

Close the loop between your marketing and sales teams—and more deals. We’ll help maximize the value of your marketing efforts, and help your sales team close business faster.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

For SEO to take your brand to every corner of the web, it has to reach every corner of your strategic marketing plan. We’ll get you there with SEO-powered content to drive traffic, build brand awareness, and boost leads through search.

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Web Design

Your website serves as your 24/7 salesperson. We’ll reinvent it to be beautiful, functional, and fully optimized for your marketing goals.

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Video Production

An effective and engaging way to capture the attention of your buyer personas. Use video to capture the attention of your buyer personas at the right stage of the Buyer’s Journey.

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Positioning & Messaging

We want to bring value to your marketing story and build the foundation of your products and services externally, with the goal of understanding your key customer segments and buyer personas.

Reach Our Team

Imagine a world where you’re no longer limited by the way your business is currently structured. With a digital marketing strategy and the right tools, anything is possible. Let’s work together to build your marketing goals and growth strategies!