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A CPL of $159, and cost per SAL of $315; one third of the stated acceptable cost

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In campaigns, an average CTR of 1.73%; more than double industry benchmark

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In two quarters, 826 SALs (sales accepted lead) driven; a conversion rate from lead to SAL of 52%

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Through content production, a 85% increase in overall site traffic and a 10% decrease in bounce rate

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Through technical SEO, site health increased from 76% to 94%

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Well Heath provides a last mile patient communication platform for healthcare providers. The company enables convenient, bidirectional conversations between providers and patients across multiple digital channels.

Driving SALs


When Well Health came to Buttered Toast, their product was unique and successful. They already served many of the country’s leading health systems and more than 31-million patients. However, they wanted to keep scaling and growing. Above all, the marketing department wanted to drive as many SALs (sales accepted leads), and bring a new level of expertise to ad and social media campaigns.

Jumpstarting Content & Optimizing SEO


As well as driving SALs, Well Health needed to uplevel their content game. They needed to publish new content and refresh old content, with a view to capturing more organic traffic and driving onward journeys and newsletter signups. They also wanted to optimize their technical SEO practices so that their website was more amenable to the Google crawler.

Across two quarters, we wrote over 20 new blog posts, refreshed 14 existing blog posts, compiled six value prop docs, six pillar pages, two case studies, two eBooks, two whitepapers, one webinar script, and nine video animation scripts. We conducted extensive keyword research to get the organic content to work as hard as possible for us from a traffic perspective.


These blogs garnered 1,665 unique site visits.



They drove an 85% increase in overall site traffic.


We also drove an 181% increase in case study downloads.


Our content strategy generated a 327% increase in whitepaper downloads.


Within technical SEO, we resolved a number of site issues relating to: crawling and indexing; XML sitemaps; backlinks; data structuring; duplicate content; thin content; canonical tags; 404 pages; 301 redirects; Google Search Console monitoring; and more.

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