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Sales and marketing partnership is the holy grail for all types of companies, B2C or B2B. One that’s sought after but rarely achieved. And it’s no secret why: Aligned teams perform better, work more effectively, and bring home the bacon.

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VP of Performance

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VP of Client Strategy and Success

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Head of Content

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Creating a Company Culture Film to Drive Recruitment

“Video is the most powerful form of content. With minimal direction, Buttered Toast were able to put together an amazing short film for us. They asked all the right questions, handled all the details, dealt with all the logistics. We just showed up and gave some fun interviews; they did the rest.”


Igino Cafiero, Founder & CEO, Bear Flag Robotics

Taking a Silicon Valley Startup from Founding to Acquisition

“Scaling a lean, tech-forward startup requires real expertise. Buttered Toast brought seasoned skills in branding, messaging, and every aspect of growth marketing. They were our dedicated partner for more than two years – unlike most other agencies I’ve worked with, they really felt like part of the team.”

– Amir Sharif, CMO, Aporeto