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This video unpacks the nuanced challenges and opportunities that come with benchmarking against competitors, especially when it comes to design and visual identity. Melissa shares actionable tips on how to maintain your brand’s uniqueness by leveraging external inspiration and solidifying your visual identity. Whether you’re in marketing, design, or content creation, this video offers valuable perspectives on balancing competitive research with originality.


Key points:


  • Understanding Competitive Emulation: First, we understand what competitive emulation is and why it’s important to ensure that you do not sacrifice your unique visual identity.
  • Strategies to Avoid Competitive Emulation: We offer practical advice on how to steer clear of competitive emulation.
  • Leveraging External Inspiration: Also highlighted in this video are ways in which tools like Pinterest boards or Behance can serve as valuable resources for gathering external inspiration.
  • Cementing Your Brand’s Visual Identity: We will also go over the importance of identifying and emphasizing elements that are authentically ‘you’.

Featured Guests/Speakers:

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Melissa Leon

VP of Client Strategy and Success

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