70% of venture-backed startups fail. We’re improving the odds.

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James Brear

CEO, Veriflow

“David listened to our needs and delivered a truly disruptive market position.”

Alex Lyashok

President, WorkFusion

“David and his team did an excellent job understanding why the customer wants to buy and how to help them do it. He wasn’t afraid to be creative and experiment with various positioning. The product launch was a huge success.”

Phil Tee

CEO, Moogsoft

“David brings the confident air of someone who has successfully cracked the code of enterprise software marketing many times over. I found working with David both productive and a pleasure, and at every turn learnt more about the craft of strategic marketing and even my own business! If you are serious about becoming the 800 lb Gorilla in your space David is the man to get you there…”



Needs based research that gets at the heart of what motivates your customers/prospect to buy…..from you.


The framework is the guidepost for all copy; it’s directional, not prescriptive. It informs what the message should mean in the eyes and ears of the customer.


Competitive emulation is severe. Or worse, trying to please everyone, so you please no one. This exercise discovers your true and unique competitive differentiation.

Growth Architecture

Once you know whom you’re selling to, and your position, we develop tactics, campaigns and resources to create predictable revenue growth.

Content Strategy

Content is your fuel. Without it, you don’t exist. It’s the backbone of a growth strategy.

Marketing Automation

Are you passing qualified leads to sales efficiently? Are you respecting the customer by not bombarding them with BS email content? Probably not. In this phase we fix it or build it.


The tension is real. Sales eat what they kill. They have the hardest job in the company. In this phase, we give them a seat at the table, and create permanent two way dialogue around lead quality and sales enablement.