Asking for help, it’s a powerful habit to develop.
And here’s the thing that’s counterintuitive about it:
everybody knows this, but they forget they can do it.


I invited my friend Phyl Terry to sit down and talk about his new book, “Never Search Alone: The Job Seeker’s Playbook”, which was released very recently (available on Amazon here). It’s an expert guide that helps everyone – from CEOs to college students – find jobs when their aspirations and the realities of the labor market collide.

Phyl and I met through Collaborative Gain, and the job council called The Councils, which is the company’s flagship leadership program — launched in 2002 with a fellow group of Internet pioneers from Amazon and Google, among others.


Phyl is the founder and CEO of Collaborative Gain and has devoted the past 25 years to helping top talent land their dream jobs at companies they love. He also created a community of top leaders who are passionate about helping one another build great products, companies, and careers.

Based on his valuable experience from working with thousands of leaders – from early-career products managers, college students, VPs, SVPs, and CEOs – Never Search Alone gives readers a time-tested five-step process (with exercises, tools, and templates) to find the right job now.

You need a mutual support group of fellow job seekers because we humans are social species. And if you put us together — if you put together a group of insecure job seekers — then simply sharing their insecurity with each other converts that into a hope, motivation, accountability, and confidence.

During our chat, Phyl talks about the breakthrough ideas that make up the very core of Never Search Alone. Number one is getting a job search council, which is one innovation that I’ve seen prosper into something tangible. The purpose of the council is to create a support group of fellow job seekers that will help ease the anxiety of job searches, and turn this into hope, motivation, and accountability. As he points out, emotional balance is the most important thing you need to manage during the job search.

My goal with the book is to get thousands of people into these job search councils.

As a long-time innovator and thought leader, Phyl offers expert advice for anyone who wants to make a career move and get results. He shares an innovative approach to what can be a lonely, tedious, and frustrating process.

Phyl puts great importance on the value of collaboration to create effective career strategies and remarkable results. In doing so, he disrupts orthodoxies around the job search process, and packs the book with practical recommendations, embedded in an easy-to-implement approach that achieves results.


Watch the video here:

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